Bortek Industries, Inc.

“The reputation BSSF has in the local marketplace encouraged us to switch accounting firms in 2012. Each person we work with at BSSF is a highly qualified, positive person. The technology they possess makes communication and exchanging data easier than it was in the past.

Since making the switch, accounting is no longer a painful process. Personal contact with the BSSF team has made our year-end a simple, seamless process—even though our company is anything but ‘simple.’ Bortek has 100 employees and 8 locations, in addition to related entities and real estate. As a multifaceted company, BSSF figured out Bortek’s complexities and grasped an understanding of our business very quickly. They ‘get it’ and that makes my job easier.

At Bortek we hold high standards when building new relationships and BSSF has met and exceeded our expectations.”

Jeffrey Boarman, Co-Owner, Bortek Industries, Inc.

Clair Sauder, Private Investor

“From the start of my career to being a retired business owner and a private investor, my relationship with BSSF has come around full circle. Bruce Brown, a long-time friend, and I were colleagues at Laventhol & Horwath in the 1970s prior to my leaving public accounting in 1980 to become part owner and the CFO of Good’s Furniture and Carpet.

Throughout my career at Good’s, Brown Schultz was our accounting firm. We grew from 3 to 16 stores during my career at Good’s and sold the business in the 1990s to Brunner’s Home Furnishings. A few years later, Brian Good and I started a new company operating Thomasville Furniture Stores in the Philadelphia market area. In 2008, we sold the Thomasville stores and today I am “actively retired” with investment properties in the Lancaster area and serving on several nonprofit boards.

It is significant that for over 30 years I’ve had a relationship with the Firm. Throughout the business life cycles of each entity I’ve been involved with, growth, maturity and then selling the businesses, Brown Schultz was there as our accountants and advisors. They worked with our attorneys to negotiate and determine the conditions, as well as evaluating the tax aspects of structuring the sale.

Whether it is Bruce, Robyn Dougherty, David Hernley, or other staff persons, I am assured of promptly receiving knowledgeable and accurate advice and work. Their service is excellent and it really has been a pleasure having them as my accounting firm throughout my career.”

Clair Sauder, Private Investor – Lancaster, PA

E. L. Heim Company, Inc.

“E. L. Heim has worked with BSSF since 1990 and not once have we had to question their quality of work—there’s never been a reason to.

While accounting is black and white, strategic business decisions are not always 100% driven by the numbers. When running a business with over 350 employees, there are countless factors to consider when making decisions. I count on BSSF to provide a big picture perspective and advice on long-term planning. Their strong client base in the construction industry gives them a good feel for the tax changes that impact the industry and a pulse for what’s best for our company.”

Larry Bashore, President, E. L. Heim Company, Inc.

Gatter & Diehl, Inc. – Consulting Engineers

“BSSF is comprised of excellent people who are both knowledgeable and quick to respond. They are ‘so much more’ than just an accounting or tax preparation firm. We immediately recognized and benefited from their technical expertise and more importantly their wisdom as overall business advisors. Their services have facilitated our firm’s prosperity since 1998, during both good and bad economic climates as experienced by our country.

BSSF has worked shoulder to shoulder with our firm as we navigated through business ownership transitions, real estate transactions, banking relationships, information technology changes, and everyday business decisions and transactions. BSSF, and more specifically Ted Herold, has serviced our firm with the care and foresight of a shareholder in helping to steer Gatter & Diehl to success.”

– Jeffrey Crist, PE, President, Gatter & Diehl, Inc.

Goodville Mutual Casualty Company

“When I started at Goodville in 2002 as their CFO, I was new to the insurance accounting industry. While I had about 15 years of prior accounting experience with GAAP accounting, when I transitioned to insurance accounting, the intricacies were different and BSSF helped guide me through that learning curve.

The history Goodville has with BSSF goes back prior to my arrival at the company and we have been with them ever since. I remember when I had first started, Scott Esworthy was the BSSF manager at the time and did a lot of the review work on-site. Although he was not the Principal on the job in the early days, I ended up developing a strong relationship with him through the review work he did for us in addition to his involvement with PAMIC (Pennsylvania Association of Mutual Insurance Companies). Scott later progressed to be the Principal on the job and he worked closely with another BSSF Principal, Hank Straub.

As Goodville Mutual has grown over the years, our relationship with BSSF has strengthened and it’s a firm that we can work with at a close, personal level, but also one that has the deep knowledge and resources you would expect from a larger firm. Our accounting department has a fantastic relationship not only with Scott and Hank, but also with the other staff and managers at BSSF. We certainly recommend this firm for their services and people.”

– Phil Shirk, CFO, Goodville Mutual Casualty Company

Gunn-Mowery LLC

“I’ve never had to second guess the quality of work provided by BSSF. Bruce Brown and John Weidman are extremely responsive and provide good, consistent financial advice. Since the 1990s, Gunn-Mowery has seen growth from about five to 70 employees and BSSF served alongside us to provide more than just the regular tax and accounting work, but to serve as our trusted business advisors. As we grew, BSSF helped us to transition into better financial management and to develop a strong internal team.”

– Greg Gunn, Managing Partner, Gunn-Mowery LLC

Keen Transport, Inc.

“For 25 years Keen Transport has utilized BSSF. The Firm has the quality and knowledge of the Big 4, but with the accessibility of a smaller firm—you just can’t put a price on that.

Keen Transport is a 600 employee company with 15 locations and filing requirements in 45 states. Our tax and accounting work is complex, making it critical for our internal accounting department to have an excellent relationship with the accountants at BSSF. Joe Cawley and Ted Herold have worked well with our team and are very responsive to our needs. Beyond the corporate entity, Bruce Brown has taken care of my personal finances for many years, in addition to a large buy-sell agreement for Keen Transport.

The breadth of product that BSSF provides, coupled with the quality of service, is the total package.”

– William Keen, Chief Strategy Officer, Keen Transport, Inc.

Kenworth of Pennsylvania

“It was my father who made the ultimate decision over 30 years ago to make the switch to what is known today as Brown Schultz Sheridan & Fritz. Throughout the years, we have considered Brown Schultz our business partner. They understand our business, and we utilize them in more ways than the normal day-to-day accounting and tax work.

Brown Schultz has helped us with executive searches, including placement of our CFO, selection and advice on our banking relationship, in addition to annual estate planning consultation. As part of our business’ estate planning, they worked with us on a succession plan to transition partial ownership to my son, Timothy Mitchell.

Today, Kenworth is a 180 employee third generation family-owned company with seven locations. We value the partnership we have built with Brown Schultz throughout the growth and transition of our company. Looking ahead, the relationship will continue to be excellent with the next generation.”

– Gary Mitchell, President, Kenworth of Pennsylvania

K.L. Harring Transportation & Warehousing

“K.L. Harring has a history with BSSF that dates back to 1990. I appreciate their passion to learn the business and to form a personal relationship with me and our internal accounting department.

Dependable, reliable, and efficient sums up my experience with the Firm. They are always correct and quick to respond to our business’ needs. In the end, I don’t make a major decision without talking to my accountant. Through the good and bad times, BSSF has always been there as my most trusted advisor and the success of our company I attribute to them.”

– Keith L. Harring, President, K.L. Harring Transportation & Warehousing

Rohrer Bus

“In the late 1990s Rohrer Bus had grown to a level that required a larger accounting firm. The owners not only switched to BSSF, they also hired me as the new controller. We were both brand new to Rohrer Bus.

The financial statements and reporting requirements for Rohrer Bus are complicated since we are comprised of four entities, have sales in multiple states, operate at three locations, and have 150 full-time employees and over 600 part-time employees. BSSF is an excellent CPA firm and not just for the work they do for our annual audit, but for the accounting interpretations they provide, financial statements, and corporate tax work (including filing in multiple states). The Tax Department at BSSF has been a great help to me and Rohrer Bus; and whenever I call with any type of tax issue, they are always there. Additionally, BSSF has helped Rohrer Bus with corporation acquisitions and business valuations.

BSSF is a diverse, well-rounded CPA firm. They are true professionals and provide personal contact to our decisions makers and internal accounting department.”

– David W. Thomas, Controller, Rohrer Bus

Schaedler Yesco Distribution

“Our relationship with the people at Brown Schultz dates back to the 1970s, well before the company was actually called ‘BSSF’ and when Bruce Brown and I were still in college. Bruce was an intern and attending Lehigh University when I first met him at the CPA firm Fishel Baskin & Dunn and I was finishing up school at St. Francis University. Over the years, our family has had very beneficial debates with Bruce. We both always come away with a much broader perspective.

The people at Brown Schultz are engaged and involved. The support and work from Brown Schultz have proven to challenge our company to think ahead when it comes to government regulations, liabilities, fraud prevention, in addition to general business planning.

Brown Schultz has been engaged as our accountants and trusted business advisors to our company, our real estate, and our personal financial planning for two generations. We look forward to our next generation continuing that relationship.”

– James Schaedler, CEO, Schaedler Yesco Distribution

Stewart-Amos Equipment Co.

“Since moving to Harrisburg in 1981, I have utilized Bruce Brown as my accountant. When Brown Schultz was formed, we were onboard. Over the years, our company has experienced many changes, including starting another company (Stewart-Amos Sweeper). I have always received trusted, well-informed advice on accounting and financial matters. I know Bruce’s direct dial number by heart. The relationship has continued as we work with many other associates at BSSF allowing us to utilize the depth of their team. We look forward to continuing the affiliation well into the future.”

– Frank J. Chulick, President, Stewart-Amos Equipment Co.

“I enjoy seeing BSSF prosper and grow. As the Firm has grown over the last few decades, the personal relationship has stayed intact. I call on Bruce frequently for advice and have a great respect for the Firm’s abilities, whether it is accounting, taxes—both personal and business, estate or business planning. I’ve seen many accounting firms throughout my career and they are the best firm I’ve been exposed to.”

– Carlton Hughes, Retired Owner, Stewart-Amos Equipment Co.

Stewart-Amos Steel

“For over 30 years Stewart-Amos Steel has built a relationship with the Firm, and we are very satisfied with their professionalism and level of service. They understand our business, which has many different facets, including dealing with unions in multiple states, and sales up and down the east coast.

Our internal accounting department works closely with BSSF and it has been rewarding to see the relationship grow at all levels. We are always reassured when it comes to our accounting firm and know that we are in good hands.”

– William A. Starr, President, Stewart-Amos Steel