BSSF Switches to a Secure Website Platform

BSSF is proud to announce that effective March 25, 2015 our website was moved to a secure website. You will always know that the content that BSSF produces is coming directly from our firm and not another company. Websites such as Google and Facebook have already moved their sites to publish in SSL or secure pages only. In the past, serving all secure web pages would have been difficult to do because of hardware requirements. With current developments of faster internet, faster web server hardware, and secure computing initiatives worldwide, a secure web page will soon become common place.

Now, when you visit you will be automatically moved to a secure connection to our website. This switch is to make sure the content we are serving you is not injected with content from a malicious company. The previous website started with, whereas our secure domain begins with https://. The “s” after http is a key indicator of a secure website and viewers can be rest assured the information is coming directly from our server. You will also notice that the address bar is green. This is what is called an extended certification. This means that BSSF had to prove who we are to get the digital certificate. Some secure sites you may come across may not have this green look; they are still secure, but the extra step of proof was not taken to receive the digital certificate.

We have switched to this secure web not because of our need to store any data or collect data from our visitors, but because this switch is a more forward thinking approach to protect people’s privacy when using the internet. The U.S. government has also announced that it will move all of its publicly accessible websites to https in the next two years.

If you have any questions about moving your website to a secure only website, feel free to contact Terry Snyder for more information.


Terry E. Snyder, Jr., CSSA

Computer Support Specialist