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Five Tips to Surviving Tax Season

New Overtime Rules

Whether a rookie or a weathered pro, busy season can be a very taxing time on you and your family, but there are necessary steps that can be taken to best utilize your time to remain effective. It is never too early to prepare for tax season. Keep these steps in mind as you advance […]

How to Put Money Back Into Your Wallet

How to Put Money Back in Your Wallet

As a recent graduate from Messiah College, I am constantly looking for good deals and ways to cut costs to increase the amount of money I can save. I am a saver who is also very fiscally conservative (even though you may think the method that I will spell out in this blog is the […]

Top Reasons a CPA Should Prepare Your Tax Return

This time of year, just about everyone has questions about their tax return. Who can I claim as a dependent? Does healthcare reform impact my taxes? What truly qualifies as a ‘write-off’? The list goes on and on, and unless you’re prepared to spend countless hours on Google (only to realize that one question often […]

Young Professionals Making a Difference

Our next generation of leaders are vital to the success of our firm and region. In 2012, I helped form our BEP (BSSF Emerging Professionals) program, alongside my colleague and fellow Co-Chair of the program, Adriann Reed. The program’s mission gives emerging professionals at BSSF peer guidance and support towards career growth. Three tiers of […]