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Understanding and Managing the Complexities of Family-Owned and Closely Held Businesses Seminar

Recently, BSSF partnered with Messiah College and the Delaware Valley Family Business Center (DVFBC) to present the local business community with a half-day seminar, discussing the challenges that face family-owned and closely held businesses. Hosted on the Messiah College campus, the seminar covered a breadth of topics, including ways to think about governance, working collaboratively […]

Secrets of Successful Family Business Successors

Finding a suitable successor in a family business can be a difficult task. In the article, “The Secrets of Successful Family Business Successors” written by Dean Fowler in The Family Business Policies and Procedures Handbook, seven behaviors are identified that can help make the transition from one generation to the next a bit easier. Establishing […]

Protecting Your Business from Identity Theft

Identity theft continues to make the news, not only for individuals, but for businesses as well. Businesses are easily targeted because so much of their information can be located on the internet with little difficulty. The following data needs protection from criminals who “phish” to collect this information which is used to impersonate a business. […]