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Change in Qualified Transportation Fringe Benefits for Nonprofits

The changes introduced in the tax reform bill passed in December of 2017 caused quite a stir, and nonprofits have certainly taken notice. One of the provisions in particular may pack more of a punch than initially thought. With the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA), Congress disallowed entity-level deductions for expenses that are more […]

Nonprofits: Take Note of Expense Reporting Changes

Nonprofits must be on their toes nowadays. New regulatory changes are being introduced constantly, many in just the last two years, including: an updated accounting standard that requires a complete overhaul of the reporting process; a tax law that threatens future donations revenue; and, new state-wide audit requirements. It can be a lot to keep […]

New Reporting Rules Impact Nonprofit Organizations

Most nonprofit executives are focused on fundraising, service and program delivery, staff development and community relations. Ensuring the organization is well funded and staffed to provide the services needed to meet the mission statement is usually at the top of the list. So on the list of priorities, financial reporting may sometimes fall lower on […]

Pennsylvania Changes Audit Requirement Thresholds

The nonprofit industry in Pennsylvania will see a few changes after Governor Wolf’s recent legislative signing of Act 71 of 2017. Act 71, signed into law by Governor Wolf in December of 2017, raises the annual contribution levels that will trigger an automatic audit for a nonprofit organization. The new limits will take full effect […]

What Should Your Nonprofit Consider for Your Strategic Plan?

The beginning of the year is usually a bit late to start drafting a new strategic plan for your nonprofit. But, if you’re running a small nonprofit, without a plan and want to create one, here are some helpful ideas as you begin this important process. Why Have a Strategic Plan? Any organization has a […]

Google for Nonprofits: Free Advertising Money and Google Tools

Accounting Laptop

Every second, there is an average of 40,000 searches on Google, according to Internet Live Stats. In a market ranking report forDecember 2015, comScore reported that Google had 63.8% of the search market share in the United States for desktop searches. The closest competitor would be Microsoft with Bing at 21.1% – a large difference. […]

Where does the time go? Valuing donated services provided to nonprofit organizations

It has become more and more prevalent for nonprofit organizations to receive contributions of time and services in lieu of money. However, unlike donated cash which is always recognized, donated services do not always find their way onto a nonprofit’s financial statements. According to the Financial Accounting Standards Board, nonprofit organizations may only record two […]

PA Bureau of Charitable Organizations aligns filing date with Federal Form 990 deadline

The PA Bureau of Charitable Organizations (BCO) filing deadline conundrum has finally been addressed. For most nonprofit organizations that are required to file annually with the BCO, knowing the deadline for filing has presented a challenge. The initial bill creating the BCO filing deadlines (Act 1990-202 (H.B. 365), § 1, approved Dec. 19, 1990) required the […]