Five Tips to Surviving Tax Season

Whether a rookie or a weathered pro, busy season can be a very taxing time on you and your family, but there are necessary steps that can be taken to best utilize your time to remain effective. It is never too early to prepare for tax season. Keep these steps in mind as you advance in your career and each busy season will come and go with ease.

1: Plan

As an accountant, you have been gifted with the ‘Planning Gene’; and therefore, you have a general idea as to how your first or twenty-fifth tax season will go. Therefore, let your family and friends know that you will have significantly less disposable time. Any spare time will likely be divided among sleep, quality time with your family, and personal time exercising. You must warn those in your inner circle of the expectations you have so that they understand that you will be busy for the coming months.

2: Neglect Distractions

Hide your phone. Many of us use our phones to check emails and communicate with family and friends. These activities expense valuable time that could otherwise be effectively used helping to better serve a client. Communication is an important part of our career; however, to stay efficient, one must limit the email checks and phone calls.

3: Stay Focused

The main thing is to maintain your energy and to remind yourself that you are serving your client. If you keep a positive mindset of service and giving, you will be taking the emphasis off your lack of energy and will actually find yourself loaded with energy. Give and you will receive.

4: Re-charge

Schedule a few nights a week that you spend for exercise, quality time with family, and social time. Sleep is the inevitable and as we feel drained during busy season, don’t think of the sleep you’re not getting but the service you are providing to your clients and how gracious they are for your effort. Also, make sure to load your body with carbohydrates and electrolytes to fuel your body and mind. Surprisingly, these nutrients are more effective energy generators than coffee.

5: Keep Positive

Remind yourself that busy season will come to an end. As hectic as busy season may be, the peaceful time after will be rejuvenating, freeing up your time to rekindle relationships, and work on personal goals. The best part of our career is the freedom to create relationships with clients, grow ourselves personally, and continue to serve others.


Alex Craver

Staff Accountant

Alex is a Staff Accountant with Brown Schultz Sheridan & Fritz. He specializes in providing audit services to for-profit organizations across various industries.