“Get to Know” With Rob Jones – Business Advisory & Development Services Director

In January, BSSF welcomed Rob Jones to our team as a consultant and business development professional.  Rob brings nearly 40 years of progressive experience to BSSF. He is active in the community and currently serves on a number of boards in the greater Harrisburg area. In our “get to know” interview with Rob, we learned more about his interests and how he transitioned from banking to accounting.

What do you enjoy most about working with BSSF?  “The people I have had the chance to work with and many of the BSSF professionals during my banking career, but it has been nice to have the opportunity to get to know them better and to meet and get to know other team members.  I think the firm culture is great and I particularly like the fact that I’m not in a suit and tie every day.”

How have you transitioned your prior career in the banking industry into the accounting realm?  “The transition has been pretty easy because business is all about relationships, and I have been engaged in building and developing relationships my entire career.  I really enjoy being around bright people and having the opportunity to learn new things.  The fact that I have been a reader and user of the output produced by BSSF and other professional firms has also been very useful; although, I must say I am learning a lot more about the process, work, and effort that goes into the production of the final documents.”

Tell us about your passions and places you have traveled?   “One of the things Cathy and I enjoy doing is helping people.  That’s why each of us has served on numerous nonprofit boards and committees over the years.  We spent about 10 years or so helping our church outreach group provide a meal for people in need every Sunday evening.  We love the beach and have traveled to the Outer Banks and the Caribbean every year for quite some time.  We also run (maintenance now) and help support the running community by volunteering at events.”