The Pennsylvania New Hire Reporting Program

The Pennsylvania New Hire Reporting Program mandates that all employers report basic information about newly hired and re-hired employees who reside in or work in Pennsylvania. This information includes the employee’s full legal name, address, social security number, date of hire, and optional date of birth.

The information provided by employers is matched against files containing the names of non-custodial parents and aids in the collection of child support. Data collected from the New Hire Reporting Program is also used to detect fraud in PA-UC and workers’ compensation programs. The New Hire Reporting Program has experienced significant increases in child support collections and savings in unemployment and workers’ compensation and public assistance programs through fraud detection.

By complying with the New Hire Reporting requirement, employers are an essential part of ensuring financial stability for Pennsylvania children and families as well as aiding in fraud detection. Please to learn more about the New Hire Reporting Program and its reporting process. Click on the “Report New Hires” hyperlink under the “Employers” section of the page.


Mary Ann Zugay

SBAS Senior Associate

Mary Ann Zugay is a Senior Associate in our Small Business Accounting Services Department. She provides clients with personalized bookkeeping and payroll services.