Young Professionals Making a Difference

Our next generation of leaders are vital to the success of our firm and region. In 2012, I helped form our BEP (BSSF Emerging Professionals) program, alongside my colleague and fellow Co-Chair of the program, Adriann Reed. The program’s mission gives emerging professionals at BSSF peer guidance and support towards career growth. Three tiers of the program form the event calendar for our year:

  1. Collaboration – Bring our BEPs together between our two offices in Camp Hill/Lancaster and levels
  2. Professional Development – Promote the development and career path for young professionals
  3. Networking – Expand the BEPs professional network

Outside of tax season, we hold monthly events based around these three tiers. A few of our signature events include a volunteer initiative, the past two years we served United Way of the Capital Region; a panel of BSSF Principals who talk about their career journey; a get-together of the BEPs at a location in between both offices to intermingle.

My inspiration to form our group came from participation at the 2011 LEA (Leading Edge Alliance) GlobalConference in New Orleans to participate in the YP (Young Professionals) Symposium. LEA Global is an international alliance of accounting firms across the world and BSSF is a member of this organization. Meeting and hearing first-hand about other accounting firms’ YP programs gave me a better idea of their goals and purpose.

I am proud to say that our BEP program won the LEA Outstanding Young Professionals Award at the global conference in Dallas, Texas in its first year. The participation of over 20 BEPs and buy-in from the management at BSSF made this possible and Adriann and I are appreciative of everyone’s support of this program.

In addition to serving as Co-Chair of the BEP program, I also serve on the LEA Global YP Committee. As a member of this LEA committee, I work with fellow committee members to plan quarterly conference calls, initiatives, and the annual LEA Global YP Symposium. Last year, I had the opportunity to help with the LEA Global YP Volunteer Week and it was amazing to see hundreds of young professionals volunteer throughout the nation and world! 28 LEA firms participated in six countries (U.S., England, Argentina, Mexico, India, Philippines).

It was humbling to see the big picture of it all and I have been so thankful for the opportunity to serve alongside young professionals at BSSF and LEA Global who are making a difference.