Purpose of the BEP Group

The BSSF Emerging Professionals (BEP) Group was established in 2011 to provide emerging professionals within the Firm with peer guidance and support towards career growth. The BEP Group aims to provide events, education and resources that encourage the following among our Firm’s emerging professionals:

Collaboration: We are continuously developing “Team BSSF” and encourage thinking outside of the box to bring our BEP Group team members together between offices and levels.

Professional Development: To promote the development and career path for young professionals, we provide training opportunities and mentorship for our Firm’s future leaders, highlighting career development and growth.

Networking: By promoting the importance of developing professional contacts, we will help expand the professional networks of BEP Group team members and the Firm as a whole.

BEP Group Team Members

BSSF team members automatically become members of the BEP Group if they meet the following criteria:

  • 0-8 years of professional experience within or outside of the Firm (including team members from the Administrative, Marketing, Human Resources and IT departments).
  • Team members at the Supervisor level or below

BSSF team members graduate from the BEP Group once they have reached the Manager position or 8 years of professional experience.

BEP Group Events

The BEP Group Steering Committee is a group of five BSSF team members representing each of our five office locations. The BEP Steering Committee plans several annual events for BEP Group team members to attend, including a professional growth speaker series, team member panels and happy hours, volunteer events and networking events, including young professionals from outside of the Firm.