Nonprofit organizations face significant challenges in the current economic climate. Organizations are competing for donor funds, grants, and other vital funding. As such, you must demonstrate program outcomes, while efficiently utilizing your resources and ensuring compliance with applicable not-for-profit financial and regulatory requirements.

At BSSF, we understand the environment you operate in, as well as the challenges you face. We provide audit and nonprofit tax reporting for this industry, including charitable and tax-exempt organizations, which will assist you in maximizing operating efficiencies, ensuring that you have adequate accounting controls in place, and effectively communicating your achievements. Our breadth of work serves many parts of the Commonwealth, with a large focus in the Central PA region of Harrisburg, Lancaster, and York.

Financial statement and tax reporting requirements for nonprofit organizations are consistently changing. Our tax personnel are fully aware of and knowledgeable in the new IRS reporting requirements of Form 990. They have attended and instructed numerous conferences on the complexities of the new reporting requirements. We will help you stay abreast of these changes and how they impact your organization.

Our nonprofit team provides financial statement audit, review, and compilation services; tax preparation and consulting services as well as accounting and internal control advisory services. In addition, we provide close out grant audit and single audit services to organizations receiving federal and state grants. We serve a broad spectrum of organizations including:

  • Charitable organizations and associations
  • Faith-based organizations
  • Foundations
  • Membership organizations
  • Economic development organizations
  • Human services organizations
  • Labor organizations

Our nonprofit team believes in the missions of nonprofit organizations and understands their unique needs. We not only want to be your accountant, we want to be your partner in achieving your mission!

Contact BSSF today and find out more about our services!