BSSF understands how critical the transportation industry is to our region. With 80% of America’s population within a two-day driving distance of Central Pennsylvania, it is no surprise that the transportation industry has become such an important element in our local economy.

Communities rely almost exclusively on trucks to deliver all of their fuel, clothing, medicine, and other consumer goods. Successfully managing a business in this industry is a challenge, and our professionals are qualified to handle the accounting, tax, and consulting needs for local trucking companies. Our memberships to the Pennsylvania Motor Trucking Association (PMTA) and the National Accounting & Finance Council of the American Trucking Association allow us to gain an understanding of the needs and expectations of today’s trucking industry.

BSSF has developed an experienced team of professionals to assist companies with their:

  • Accounting requirements
  • Multistate tax issues
  • Depreciation options
  • Financing alternatives
  • Tool reimbursement plans

To learn more about our services for the transportation industry, please contact us.