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Ownership Transition Strategies for Family-Owned & Closely Held Businesses

For many business owners, their company represents much of their wealth. So it is crucial for these business owners to understand how to unlock the value of their business at some point in the future because it will make a difference in a business owners’ lifestyle after retirement. The conversation around a business owner’s exit strategy should happen as soon as possible. It is not enough to start your succession planning process five years prior to when you hope to exit.

In the video recording of the seminar, you will find information related to the topic of transitioning your business to either family members or business associates. The video content will help you to consider transitioning in terms of your own business and generate questions for you to bring to your own business advisors.

The following topics are discussed:

  • Estate Planning and Gifting. Gain an understanding of the exemptions that are available to you, how gifting and bequeathing affects the value of the gift differently to the recipients and the taxation of estates and gifts.
  • Business Transition Methods. Learn more about transition strategies such as the use of ESOPs, selling your business and transitioning your business to family members or business associates via selling, gifting or bequeathing.
  • Tax Implications of Selling a Business. Discover the difference between stock versus asset sales, sales as it relates to C-corporations and pass-through entities and planning opportunities.
  • Business Valuations and Enhancing Value. Gain an understanding of how the value of your organization is determined and how to build value in your organization before transitioning.
  • Financing Business Transitions. Gain insights into the process of obtaining financing by the acquirer.