Assistance with finding your next superstar.

Recruiting new team members for your company can be a time-consuming process but is one of the most important functions within your business. The BSSF Human Resources Consulting Practice provides support to clients with recruitment and staffing across all organizational levels. Our Pennsylvania and Maryland recruitment consultants will help with everything from creating job descriptions and posting the ad in national publications and industry-specific sites to conducting the initial interview and reference checks. Our goal is to get the most qualified candidate, as well as someone who fits your organization’s culture.

Why hire a recruitment consultant?

As an outsourced recruitment service, we are able to provide you with a range of staffing solutions so that your in-house team can focus on other priorities. We work with you to develop strategic recruitment plans for your open positions based on your specific needs and goals for the individual you are looking to bring on board. We will conduct all the necessary pre-interview candidate screenings before your team meets with them and provide detailed feedback throughout each step of the recruitment process.

Our HR staffing consultants have over a decade of experience throughout both the Pennsylvania and Maryland markets and are focused on creating an efficient and streamlined process that saves you time and allows you to utilize your in-house resources more effectively.

 Recruitment and Staffing Services

  • Job ad creation
  • Position posting to national and industry-specific sites
  • Targeted candidate sourcing
  • Detailed candidate feedback reports
  • Conducting initial interviews
  • Professional reference checks
  • Salary benchmarking (additional fees may apply).

Confidential Posting Services

  • Client provides BSSF with the job ad.
  • BSSF will approve the ad and post the position confidentially on behalf of the client.
  • BSSF will receive all resumes and will send each to the client without evaluation.
  • Client manages screening and interviewing process from that point.

If you do not need the full recruitment package, contact us today to discuss individual services, specific to your needs.