The key to success in litigation matters is having the right team. The litigation specialists at BSSF bring the essential credentials, the necessary skills, and the experience to the table to assist attorneys in securing favorable outcomes for their clients. Our litigation support team members are recognized for their ability to assist in developing case strategies, interpret and analyze financial matters in a case, assist in negotiating financial settlements, and testify as expert witnesses. Our breadth of work serves many parts of the Mid-Atlantic region with a large focus in Central Pennsylvania and Maryland.

At BSSF, members of our litigation support team have credentials from the AICPA (Accredited in Business Valuation [ABV] and Certified in Financial Forensics [CFF]), and the National Association of Certified Valuation Analysts (Certified Valuators and Analysts [CVA]). Our team of professionals has extensive training and practical experience in business valuations and forensic accounting.

Collaborative Law Practice

Our team of professionals also received training on Collaborative Law Practice. With a Collaborative case, divorce disputes are settled outside of court, unlike litigation cases, and the process is controlled by the divorcees instead of a judge. This lends itself to a more private process since discussions and negotiation details are kept between spouses and their professional team without becoming public record, which sometimes happens during litigation. Members of our team can work as a financial guide on the professional team for Collaborative cases.

Our background includes:

  • Matrimonial litigation (business valuations and disposable income calculations)
  • Loss of value calculations
  • Loss of income calculations due to personal injury or business interruption
  • Commercial damages assessment
  • Shareholder disputes
  • Forensic accounting and auditing
  • Fraud investigation
  • Quality of Earnings Assessment