Our team at Brown Schultz Sheridan & Fritz (BSSF) wants to help alleviate the stress that taxes can cause. We understand that ever-changing tax laws can make tax planning and compliance complicated and difficult to navigate. Let us simplify tax planning and compliance while you continue to do what you do best. 

Our BSSF tax professionals are experienced and equipped to handle complex tax issues and structures while providing personalized services. Our goal is to become your trusted and valued advisor.  

Who Do We Serve? 

  • Business Owners 
  • Corporate Executives 
  • High-Net-Worth Individuals & Families 

What Tax Services Do We Provide? 

  • Federal, State & Local Income Tax Preparation 
  • Individual Tax Planning  
  • Estate Planning & Gift Tax Planning 
  • Charitable Gift Planning  
  • Tax Credits & Incentives 
  • Analysis of Investments & Insurance 
  • Audit Representation 

What Is Our Approach to Filing Tax Returns?  

We take a proactive approach based on strategic tax planning and identify current and future tax savings opportunities. Our professionals combine industry-specific knowledge and technical expertise to implement tax strategies that will be best suited for you. We regularly keep track of the latest tax changes and provide key updates to our clients through seminars, webinars, newsletters and key tax alerts when necessary.  

Why Choose BSSF for Your Individual Tax Planning & Preparation Services? 

BSSF is a mid-sized firm serving the Mid-Atlantic region with over 30 years of experience and five office locations located in Pennsylvania and Maryland. We strive to provide the best quality of service to our clients. 

Why Clair Sauder Chooses BSSF

“From the start of my career to being a retired business owner and a private investor, my relationship with BSSF has come around full circle. It is significant that for over 30 years I’ve had a relationship with the Firm. Throughout the business life cycles of each entity I’ve been involved with, growth, maturity and then selling the businesses, Brown Schultz was there as our accountants and advisors. They worked with our attorneys to negotiate and determine the conditions, as well as evaluating the tax aspects of structuring the sale.” Clair Sauder, Private Investor, Lancaster PA 


To find out more about our individual tax services, contact us today!